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Yes, I know I keep making posts with numbers as the title. What do you want? I did go to MIT, and I still need to remind myself to say 'physics' instead of 'course 8' when random people asked me what I majored in.

Anyway, 1469 was today's hCG number. That's a nice healthy doubling rate. So far so good. Still pregnant. Four weeks five days as of today. My first ultrasound will be a week from today.

The doubling rate is very good for a singleton, but probably not high enough for multiples. I will confess that like many infertile women I harbor a secret little hope for twins. I want my child to have siblings because I have such a great sister myself, and given the uncertainty of lightning striking twice... well, twins would have been instant siblings, not to mention catching me up on my delayed procreative schedule. Still, a singleton is much easier and safer, not to mention more than I was beginning to think I'd ever get, so best not to be greedy.

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