Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

One way this cycle is different...

Well there is one way in which this cycle is different. During my first two cycles I made these:

bribe sweaters

I called them the bribe sweaters... they were meant as a bribe to the embryos to take. Lucky winners would get soft handknit sweaters complete with cute cat buttons! Yeah, well, that didn't work so well.

I also started Rosebud during IVF#2 and worked on it some during IVF#3. I was thinking 'maternity sweater'. It's sitting in pieces in my office. I ran out of yarn just before finishing, and I'm less thrilled with the yarn anyway... eh. Perhaps it's a sign.

This cycle I made this:

Garnet sweater

It was out of leftover yarn from my cardigan. I finished it just in time for the weather to turn too chilly to wear it now, but I am sure it will look darn cute on me next spring when I am not pregnant.

Test is tomorrow morning.

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